The MM Analogy

Ask yourself this question “If a 3 year old child brought you a 2 pound bag of MM’s would you open it and give that child the whole bag? Of course not! If we did the child would try to consume the whole bag and then they would get sick and make a mess. Guess who would have to clean it up? Yep… you would.

What if you gave the child 3 MM’s? The child would take those three MM’s and would eat them and then come back for more. You control the dissemination of the MM’s.

The same thing happens in our business. Many of us try to give the whole bag of MM’s to our prospects. The prospect tries to consume the information but because we have given them too much, to soon they get overwhelmed and then they move away. Guess who cleans up the mess? Yep… you do.
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Just like the child with the MM’s we must pace the amount of information we disseminate to our contact and prospects.


Team Diamond

Wealth Wellness Alliance

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Creating Conversations


With the launch of this web site I open a whole new way of supporting the TEAM. Come back often as I have much more to include. Use this information to support you in your business development. Audio files will be on the site shortly.

Additional handouts and power point will be going up.

Now is a great time to be a Wellness Consultant. Utilizing the Wellness Home and the Wellness Business concepts will assist you to move to the next level in your Nikken business.

Vision 2014

Join us as we achieve Vision 2014, 10,000 healthy millionaires and 1,000,000 Wellness Homes. This year make your goal to become a Vision 2014 Ambassador and to earn $100,000 through marketing Wellness Homes.

The company has restructured, Team Diamond has restructured and with the Wellness Home package we are able to take our businesses to a whole new level.

The only thing missing is you and your activity.

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